It is really hard to believe that for some people weight gain is equally as hard as weight loss is for others. How we look, can directly relate to how we feel about ourselves, often leaving people with a very unhealthy sense of self. People who are underweight can fall into this self image trap as easily as those that are overweight, finding gaining weight often t very hard to achieve and their motivation to gain weight is left in shreds after not seeing the right results for the work they put in..

They see their motivation to gain weight go down to zero instantly, the moment they realize that they are not getting the right results.

Some have tried heading to the gym, some have tried eating more – however, after not seeing the right results after multiple attempts, it does start to become frustrating. ?

But why do people want to gain weight? What is their motivation to gain weight?

We all know that a super large population around the world is considered overweight which is bad for their health. Yet on the other side, people who are clinically underweight are also at risk of having to face health concerns.

Research has shown that being obese and being severely underweight both increase your mortality higher than that of a healthy individual.

Causes Of Being Underweight

A person can be underweight due to a variety of reasons which might include.

1. Thyroid Disfunction- An overactive thyroid can cause unhealthy weight loss as it can boost the metabolism of the body past what is needed

2. Cancer- Cancer treatment severely impairs the body’s ability to uptake nutrition, resulting in major weight loss

3. Stress- stress can cause you drop pounds in no time, as it decreases the body’s ability to absorb and process nutrients from food.

4. Infections & Disease- decrease the body’s fluid and muscle mass that results in rapid weight loss

However, some people are just skinny – it is in their genes, and they naturally find it difficult to gain muscle and sustain any long term weight. . And although they might not need to gain weight to be healthy, there are a fare few who would like to gain a few pounds to look better, and feel better about themselves. Being able to look good in their own bodies is their motivation to gain weight.

So how can you gain weight naturally and in a healthy way?

Sure – the idea of popping open a few soda’s and grabbing a cheeseburger on a regular basis does sound like one way to gain a few quick pounds. . However, these types of high calorie low nutrient foods when consumed on a regular basis are super bad for you and by no means are going to serve you or act as a solution to your weight gaining objectives.

I mean, sure you have the motivation to gain weight but you don’t want to become fat at the same time – that’s like getting out of one problem and landing yourself in another, and you have heard of being skinny fat right? That is almost worse!

So, how can you make this work?

You make this work by taking the smart approach and analyzing your options to start gaining weight. You use your motivation to gain weight in the right way. You eat healthy, you pick up healthy habits and more importantly you get yourself in a calorie surplus situation in which you are eating more nutrient dense calories than your body burns.

Creating A Healthy Plan For Yourself

The first thing you need to understand is that in order to gain weight you must create a calorie surplus situation.

The calories you consume have to be more than the amount you burn – only then you will be able to gain weight. Start by consuming 500-600 calories more than the amount you burn. Monitor the results for the first few weeks and take things from there. There are a stack of apps that you can look into to help you monitor the amount of calories that you need. However, be patient don’t lose the motivation to gain weight after monitoring yourself after two days of effort

Remember you have to take this slow. If you are not seeing results, you can choose to either increase or decrease that number depending on your needs. But don’t let this hamper your motivation to gain weight – you can’t change the way you look overnight.

But you just don’t want to gain weight, you want to gain muscle as well and heading to the gym will certainly help but with proper planning and monitoring – only then you will be able to see good, lasting results.

I admit that this sounds easier said than done and keeping yourself motivated to gain weight and to stick to this plan on a long term basis can be a problem as you might lose motivation to gain weight along the way. The lack of motivation may lead to you giving up and only after a few weeks, you end up being at square one.

So how do you counter this situation? How do you keep your motivation to gain weight from going away?

1. Find Yourself A Trainer

One of the first things you can do is get yourself a personal trainer who is not only going to help in providing guidance for your diet plan but also keep you motivated during your workouts. Also, the trainer is going to be able to understand your strength and weaknesses and therefore will be able to push you in certain situations and even plan out your routines for you. This is going to help you focus and keep you motivated to gain weight and not let you lose sight of the objective.

2 – Share Your Journey With a Companion

All of this may sound easy when you’re reading it. However, going through the journey can be gruesome and if you have someone you can share it with that would be great. It could be a family member, a friend, a loved one or anyone for that matter.

You have to find that companion who is going to be sharing a similar journey to yours – though theirs could be weight loss or fitness gains – as this would help to keep you both motivated and you will have someone to cheer you on as you achieve the goals you have set for yourselves. It will also help to keep you accountable and not hamper your motivation to gain weight.

3. Recording Your Workouts

Nothing would motivate you more than seeing pictures of yourself working out or record the reps, sets and weights of your workouts. All fitness professionals track their progress and fitness increases as they go. Its super motivating to look back and quickly see your own strength and ability increase over a short time. As you see yourself go through the struggle and the outcome you’re getting from it, your motivation to gain weight increases and you get more focused over time.

4. Track Your Progress

You have put in all this effort – but why did you do it? You wanted to achieve something but you’re not going to get there over one night. It’s going to be a journey. Sure, you have the motivation to gain weight. However the entire process can be tiring and can get a little frustrating at times. So you must keep track of the weight you gain each week – take weekly pics of yourself as you progress, it may not look like much week to week but over time you can see big changes from where you started.

5. Limit Your Intakes To Weight Gaining Food

All your efforts in the gym and focusing on the plan can go to waste if you are not watching what you eat. In your situation you cannot be missing out on the right nutrients needed to achieve your goals. You need to use your motivation to gain weight rightly to keep yourself away from all kinds of foods that are not useful for your body and consume only weight gaining foods.

No, this does not mean that you should focus only on eating proteins. You have to have a balanced and smart approach to your intake – healthy carbs, good fats such as nuts and cold pressed oils, fish and fatty veggies like avocados are awesome. Foods rich in protein and you can even try some clean protein shakes to help you add in some extra calories. A combination of education, understanding your own body needs and your habits along with adding some of these tips, good support and setting some hard goals will get you closer to the body you desire. Good Luck!

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