As the turn of the year approaches, we get to hear a lot of people making promises to themselves about getting fit, getting healthy, getting more exercise – whatever you want to call it.

However, only 8% of the people actually are able to stay true to their New Year’s resolution and are really able to follow through on their goals.

It’s the truth.

If you actually observe, you’ll get to notice that the attendance in the gym at the start of the year is pretty high but 3 months down the road, the crowd has quickly trimmed down – down to that 8% – who are actually committed to the goals they have set for themselves and prepared to stick at it for the long term.

At this point, the most common phrase that you get to hear is that “I was on such a roll but I can’t do this anymore” but in reality it did not happen all of a sudden and they had been losing motivation to workout for a while now and eventually caved in.

Why is that so? Why does the lack of motivation to workout takeover the fully committed mindset that you had at the start of the year?

This has been me. I have felt the same will power slide. I have done my research into why this happens and once you start to observe from a distance, you can understand what really happened and the bottom line comes down to only a few very common reasons why most people give up. Mainly due to these reasons I was slowly losing motivation to workout and so do so many others.

Reason #1 – Life Gets In The Way

In these situations, one of the most common reasons people are losing motivation to workout that I get to hear is that “I am too busy”

It’s understandable but not something you can’t manage. Sure, life gets in the way, you have obligations from work, family, and most of your days are pretty hectic. All in all, you’re unable to manage working out into your busy routine – slowly you’re losing motivation to workout and giving up seems a feasible option to you.

However, let me ask you – is all of this not manageable? Surely, you can think of a viable solution to make it all work and fit in your workouts into your daily routine instead of giving in and losing motivation to workout

It’s all about how you prioritize. And what you value.

You can schedule a time daily which will be dedicated to working out. Making yourself and your health a priority is important for success and for you to avoid losing motivation to workout.

You can try working out early in the morning just to get a headstart on your day. I find that if I don’t work out by lunch time I won’t be going at all. I really do have to seize the momentum when I find it.

You can look for different opportunities throughout the day to get some movement into your day like going up and down the stairs during lunch hour. Doing a traditional workout at a traditional gym may not work for you. Find something or a combination of things, that do work for you and try to avoid falling into the same mundane daily routine that is becoming the reason for you losing motivation to workout.

Reason #2 – Too Tired To Workout

This is something I can relate to myself as the day to day not only causes physical tiredness but emotional tiredness as well. Stress, kids, relationships, not sleeping and some less than ideal food choices all contribute to feeling fatigued. All of this becomes a factor for you losing motivation to workout.

Something that seems counter intuitive – yet proven to help with stress, fatigue and sleep quality is working out when you feel too tired to work out. Now you need to be aware of when you may have been hitting it too hard already and your muscles may need a day off, but that is a different story. Im talking about feeling tired from the daily hustle, this type of tired is best treated by a workout. The hardest part is getting yourself there but once you start, you will notice that your body kicks in and releases all the chemicals and hormones like cortisol, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins to really fuel those workouts and give you the energy, the euphoria you need long after you have taken your running shoes off.

Reason #3 – Not Being Patient

Most of us want to see results. I mean that is why we started in the first place. However, one thing that many people fail to understand is that results are not going to be achieved overnight.

I wish we all had some magic pill we could take to get super fit with the perfect looking abs but this is the real world. It does not work that way.

So it’s important that whenever you’re setting yourself on a path to fitness, you set realistic goals for yourself – goals that are achievable. If your goals are not realistic, you’re always going to fall short and this will always be in the back of your mind, niggling away – becoming the root cause of your impatience and you losing motivation to workout until one day you decide to give up and give in to the lack of motivation to workout.

Things that require commitment and focus take longer to achieve, but they ultimately are the most rewarding. It is helpful not to focus on the end goal for the end goals sake only. But to also make the process of getting there part of the achievements and celebration. Trust me – you will feel a lot more accomplished and satisfied if you recognise from the start that that path to fitness carries all the benefit and ultimately is a commitment you make for the long haul.

Reason #4 – It Starts To Get A Little Boring

Some people prefer to have more engaging workouts and just walking/jogging on a treadmill might seem a little boring to them. Similarly, once you have been doing the same workouts for a while, it does seem a bit boring to be repeating the same cycle over and over again.

It kind of loses its edge and becomes a reason for you losing motivation to workout.

The optimum solution for cases like these would be to keep mixing it up. It might be a zumba class, it could be different workouts altered after every 2 months – you just have to keep altering and keep your body guessing to keep things interesting for yourself.

Find yourself a workout buddy – someone either at your own level or above who will work out with you, try new things and hold you accountable for showing up. Working out with someone has proven to keep people active for longer and also makes the entire experience way more enjoyable. We are meant to experience life with others, find someone to share this with.

Reason #5 – Breaks Caused By Injuries

One of the most common mistakes that many people make when they’re starting off is that they do too much too soon. Sure, you are motivated, the adrenaline is pumping you up but ahead of yourself can lead to injuries and thus serving as a major cause to you losing motivation to workout.

Yes injuries can happen to anyone if you’re not careful . But being cautious does not require a lot , you have to be realistic with your lifting and not try to be the strongest person at the gym in the first month.. Sure, you want to hit the gym 5 days a week or be working out every day of the week but if it’s not doing you any good then what’s the point of doing it in the first place.

You have to be smart. Begin with starting small and working your way up the ladder of fitness but most importantly, you need to be patient.

I admit that there is no one solution that can be applied to overcome excuses and the mental barriers that you surround yourself with that in turn is causing you to losing motivation to workout. But being fit or trying to stay fit is a commitment on it’s own that requires work.


But what you’re getting in return is surely going to be worth all that hard work.

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