In recent times there have been many who have claimed to have the ultimate  detox drink for flat belly in the market, drinks that hold the promise of a flat belly, photos of trim and tight little abs are all over instagram, of people literally claiming to get a toned tummy in what appears to be a few days. Well – I am here to tell you that I have tried a stack of these teas, tonics, and beverages and I want to share some thoughts on them with you.

Does detox drinks for flat belly give you the magic you need to get rid of stubborn belly fat? Ummmm – NO! They absolutely can help you feel better, boost your digestion and in turn reduce bloating and fluid retention in a super short period of time – which all help in flattening down the bulge in your middle. But reduce belly fat…. No, they will not. Because the ultimate detox drink for flat belly does not exist in my opinion.

Getting rid of belly fat is one of  the toughest things to do and to be quite frank, it can be a painful process. I mean, you will have to make some effort. Losing belly fat is, in fact, simple, but it is not easy! And certainly not as easy as taking a detox drink for flat belly that solves all your problems.

Why is that?

You may have heard some leading fitness professionals say that you can’t spot reduce fat on your body…. And they say this because it is TRUE! No amount of working out your abs will help you with targeted fat loss on your belly, that’s not to say you should stop working out though, but understanding that what you eat is actually the biggest factor that  will help you have a chance at getting rid of belly fat.


Toxins are stored in fat cells in our body, that is where our clever systems hide toxic waste that we ingest or produce. The more toxins we ingest, the more fat our body makes to store it. And that is where detox drinks come in – if you consider detox drinks to help your own bodies natural ability to detoxify and eliminate toxins from your blood and not to reduce fat, then you are on the right track. There is no specific detox drink for flat belly that does wonders in fact, the perfect detox drink for flat belly is most likely not even in existence. But there are several that WILL help you detox, which will help your belly bloat and digestion, which over time will help you lose weight and feel better!  


Look for detox drinks that have simple, clean whole food ingredients. NO SUGARS! The shorter the list of ingredients – in my view, the better! Ingredients like ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, clove, cinnamon, and even garlic!

One of the points I am trying to make is although detox drinks can help you get a  flatter belly but for actual long-term fat loss they need to be combined with healthier habits and regular exercise in order for you to achieve your goals. Instead of relying on a detox drink for  flat belly that will solve all your problems.

Which Detox drink is good for you?

Which Detox drink is good for you?

You can choose to rely on any detox drinks to aid your body in the process of detoxifying.. However, some key things that any detox drink should focus on is helping reduce inflammation, help boost energy, aid and support your digestive system, and cleanse the liver.

You can choose any detox drink and combine it with healthier habits such as – better food, clean green veggies and healthy fats, along with regular exercise is a good place to start. One of the most important things is not to give up. Creating better, healthier habits takes time and effort and requires you to stick to it for a time!

Because this gets you going and relying on a detox drink for flat belly is NOT.

The choice my friends is always going to be yours. But as they say, you have to work for what you want and only then are you  going to see results.. However, what’s even more important than getting the work in is understanding how toxins accumulate in your body and add to the challenge of feeling good and looking good.

Some major factors that lead to polluting your body include alcohol, highly processed foods – you will find these in packages and boxes – excessive use of preservatives in these types of foods cause rapid weight gain, as our bodies don’t identify most preservatives in processed food as actual food! And therefore our body stores these and they accumulate in our cells – which over time causes chronic inflammation.  Eating unhealthy food over long periods of time are super bad habits – and something you’re going to have to tackle head on in order become healthier – feel better and also to get that flat belly.

But understand this that all these habits developed over time and trusting a detox drink for flat belly is surely not going to be the solution for you.

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